Joëlle Aeschlimann 
Chemin de Borjod 35
1020 Renens, Switzerland

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Joëlle Aeschlimann is an interaction designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. With a playful approach, her projects explore the use of digital technologies, particularly focusing on the combination of physical and digital objects. For each project, the goal is to integrate technologies subtly, highlighting the content and creating new ways to interact with it, surpassing mere technological demonstration.

Currently, she is working within Mouvement Studio with Mathieu Rivier, Pauline Saglio, and Sébastien Matos.

Aside from her practice, she is committed to education and interested in ways of teaching interaction design from a critical perspective, regularly conducting workshops and interventions in school or institutions.

In 2018, she co-founded the association METAA - Media & Experiment in Technology and Arts Association, a community of Swiss designers and artists who share a common experimental approach to emerging and contemporary technologies. Since its foundation, she has been actively engaged as a member of the committee.

She graduated from ECAL/Ecole d'art et de design de Lausanne in Media & Interaction Design in 2012 and further completed the MAS Design Research for Digital Innovation program at the EPFL+ECAL lab in 2017.



ERACOM, Screen Design Lecturer, 2014-2023
ECAL, lecturer ECG Class "Sequence", 2020-2023


Workshop & interventions

CEPV, Univers digitaux - web porfolio for photographs - 2023, 2024
ECAL, Workshop introduction on Media & Interaction Design for High School - 2024
ECAL, Innovation by Design Challenge, Design coaching - 2022, 2023
ENSCI, for Anais Block & Nicolas Nova, "Prototyping for digital projects" - 2021
ERACOM, Screen Design Workshop "Design for tactiles interfaces" - 2016

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